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“When I go to work here at 200 Park Avenue, atop Grand Central Station, the crowds can be fairly intense. Everyone wants to use the same entrances and exits. To avoid the crush, I often slip around to the western side of the Station to an entrance that is little used by the general run of humanity. It’s on a little side street with the
distinguished name of “Vanderbilt Avenue.” In fact, once in my office on the 20th floor, I can look directly down on this street and appreciate the advantages to be gained when one refuses to be swept along with the crowd and, instead, takes the time to find a path less traveled. Since this roughly approximates the investment theme we take to the fixed income marketplace each day, I thought it appropriate to adopt the name that inspired it.”

Vanderbilt Capital Advisors, LLC is a registered investment advisor under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. Vanderbilt Capital Advisors takes great pride in that the nucleus of our investment team has been together since 1988. During this time Vanderbilt Capital Advisors has utilized the same time tested investment process and philosophy.

Vanderbilt Capital Advisors is 100% owned by our active employees. We have no other affiliations, sub-advisory relationships or joint ventures. Everyone from senior management to the administrative staff has an equity stake in the success of Vanderbilt Capital Advisors. This means, of course, that all clients work with Principals of our firm. Each one of which has a deeply personal commitment to the success of our clients' investment programs.

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