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 Bart Koehler
Capulin, CO
 Graduated 1970

 Positions held:
   V.P.               1969-70
   Pledgemaster  1968-69
   Song Leader   1967-68

 Sponsored by:
   Bill Kinney

   Al Nielson


Bart Koehler hails from the hamlet of Cranberry Creek in the town of Mayfield, New York near the Great Sacandaga in the foothills of the Adirondacks.  During his time in Albany he began to emerge as a memorable individual who seemed destined for wide-open spaces.  Since then he has championed the wilderness in places ranging from Jackson Hole and Juneau to Durango and D.C. including being a co-founder of the “Earth First” movement. The grizzled, homespun, style seems recognizable even today.   The “Norval Bear” and "Maverick" characters, viewed through the lens of time, becomes something of an APA folk legend - a mixture of Jeremiah Johnson and Woody Guthrie or perhaps John Muir, Will Rogers and a little Ralph Nader…only drunker.  He perfected the concept of super-senior, found out that cartography classes might actually come in handy some day, and coined terms like Me’llor, Otto, Weasel Serpentine and beef splewy.  He was a link to the good old days of APA when men were men and donuts feared Eddie Klein.  His adventures have included many people and places.  Here are a few of them:

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Former WOC Director Bart Koehler's Colorful Career by Mac Blewer