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Coach R. Keith

Billings, MT
 Honorary Member



Coach R. Keith Munsey currently lives in Billings Montana.  In a correspondence with Al Horton from September, 2002 he brings us up to date on his current activities including being a volunteer at the Little Big Horn Nation Battlefield, approximately 50 miles south of Billings.   He has also been umpiring baseball for the past 10 years in Montana and West Virginia, although this may be ending soon since he’s in his 77th year and "my legs are not as bouncey as they used to be"

RKM is also busy with some beautiful pastel drawings, selling some and exhibiting in a gallery in Hardin, Montana.  Below are examples including “Purple and Gold” (obviously inspired by his years at Albany State) and “Sanctum”.  He also is an occasional election judge, reads mysteries and histories, likes to play bridge and dine out with “Sally”, his friend of a dozen years.  He is also considering starting a Montana branch of the English Speaking Union, an organization that sponsors top speakers around the USA and parts of the world.

Coach still stays close to the remaining World War II Air Force buddies who served with him on a B-24 “Liberator” bomber.  He used to feel that his greatest thrills were running the Boston and the Pikes Peak Marathons but more recently he believes that having a cross-country scholarship in his name at the University at Albany tops them all.  The 1995 track dinner was a great honor.  Of course these memories have to be viewed in the perspective of the pride he has in his grandchildren. 

Note the photo below of his car with the Montana license plate “GLC” (greatest living coach).  He also has the new nickname of “Macknaka” given to him by Northern Cheyenne Indian friends.  It means “Strong Bear”.  Coach sends special regards out to Jim “Tinkle” Ellison, Denny Elkin, Dick Crossett, Pat Gepfert, Bob Flick, Jerry Baker and all the APA guys.


                 "Purple & Gold"  - pastels     


                  "Sanctum" - pastels






   "GLC" - Greatest Living Coach